How do we make a crystal trophy?
Issue Time:2016-02-23

Crystal trophy is a symbol of pure and noble, commonly used in government and enterprises awarded prizes. It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate touch, but also in the above lettering, distinctive pattern. --- Crystal materials used as clean as snow. Use it for the prize to good people is good enough.

Crystal trophy is actually a symbol of pure and noble, use it for the prize to good people is better.

There are production processes: the choice of materials, a material, pressure embryo, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, plating color, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality, packaging

1. The choice of materials: Crystal raw materials are usually divided several levels, most preferably no impurities, and the provisions of the bubble, the material is also very regular, high brightness, very transparent, followed by poor, gradually with minor flaws.

2. expected to open: is a large piece of material with high-speed saw blade out of shape and size of the desired crystal pressure embryo.

3. The pressure embryo: the mold to produce the desired finished size and shape, and then add material to a high temperature above 900 ℃ melt into the mold, die-casting.

4. rough polishing: The mold is pressed out of the rough, diamond disk directly milled groove finished product.

5. Fine polishing: After rough polishing, polishing powder to polish the finished product to be crystal clear so far.

6. Punch: is finished before the crystal is not complete, according to the required size and location of drilling, to drill for drilling.

7. screen: crystal surface with different pigment effect processing performed, the level of color thicker, before falling back focus.

8. The plating color: plating the use of similar tactics in the crystal surface in different colors, thin level, the friction can scratch, scratches, since plating color are often located at the bottom, so the bottom plating color often use other objects attached, as the Lunar New Year text of the town.

9. sculpture: three-dimensional sense of strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Minute hand-carved graphics, text engraving machine.

10. blasting through a dedicated media coating to the surface of the crystal, and then use the machine by the impact of sand of varying thickness crystal surface to form the pattern of customer needs.

11. The assembly of some crystal is a combination of several components, here I need to put all the parts assembled. This is a painstaking work, the slightest mistake will make the whole product obsolescence.

12. Packaging: The crystal trophy cleaned, placed in a special palette. This is a finished product

13: These are just the most crystal processing step for some crystal such as a circular concave polygonal shape laser crystal and other special products have special processing methods

Friendly reminder: Some of the above process selection, not completely use.

Crystal trophy seems simple, but its production process is not simple. Crystal trophy will be issued as a respectable person, it is an honor and encouragement. I hope every friend can receive their own crystal trophy.

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