Why Are Trophies Shaped Like Cups?
Issue Time:2016-05-06

You know most of the trophy on behalf of the honor and the trophy is made of metal, it looks like a cup. But why do they like cups, in China and the West, which should start from the long-ago history.

HKC044- trophy cup

In the West, the trophy cup is based on the UK's loving cup. According to Western historical records, King of Britain has called Edward once sat on horseback, while others took to the King a glass of wine to drink, be assassin from behind knife stabbing. Since then, the UK's banquet will be formed in such a ritual: a lot of glass, in turn transfer the guest, the Central Bank one week; whenever one of the guests took the glass, not only they have to stand up, but even in next to him people have stood up, said, "protection" drinkers will not be like that Edward plot. This etiquette glass, called loving cup (Loving Cup). Loving cup at the time was dedicated to the "gentleman" precious gift. Later, people will turn this "loving cup" presented to the winners of the competition, which evolved into today's trophy cups. Today's customized trophy cups is made of this "loving cup" evolved. Until now retained the trophy that year, "loving cup" marks. As is usually larger than the trophy, with a majority of two long ears, these features are "loving cup" left behind.

Yin and Zhou era in China as early as 3,000 years BC, with the prevalence of archery, has title appears. "Zhou" contains a man named Chang knife officials, once the head side hang on bamboo poles with colored trench ox tail and feathers hung silver cup paces beyond, namely those shot glasses for the award. Sui and Tang to make friends with brocade flag as a souvenir award winner, called "title."9th century Emperor, Go prize winners of the competition to cover Golden Bowl. The prevalence of dragon boat racing game, but also as a prize to the Bowl Song Dynasty. Bowl hanging method is focused on bench marking, who first won a silver bowl that is called "outright."

Nowadays, custom trophy cup not only can be made by metal,but also can be made by resin,crystal and plastic.Use different materials for the production of different trophies,make better design trophy.As trophies wholesale suppliers ,we aims to make more design and quality trophy cup for our customers.  

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