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Do not miss the colorful plastic trophies!

Issue Time:2016-07-22

Do not miss the colorful plastic trophy!

Trophies are many different kinds of materials, common trophies are: crystal trophies, glass trophies, metal trophies, acrylic trophies, wooden trophies, glass trophies and plastic trophy. Of course, some people do some hands personally unique trophy.

Crystal trophy, metal trophies, and are often used for large glass trophy ceremony. Plastic commonly used for school or small trophy tournament award. Compared to other terms of trophies, plastic trophies more advantages in price, you can save budget activity organizers. With the progress of the production process of trophies, plastic trophies have made great progress in the shape and color. Sometimes, a lot of non-professional staff is poorly demarcated plastic and metal trophy trophy because they look too much like.

Today, we will show several carefully selected plastic trophies here, dear friends, how they look like?

new plastic trophy-gloryawardtrophy

Glory Award&Trophy is your Ms. RIGHT ?
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