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When was the last time you receive flowers?

Issue Time:2016-07-27

When was the last time you receive flowers?

Childhood, youth, old age, in the different stages of our life, have different experiences and memories.The marvelous thing about life, not the result, is the process. It exists in every day of our lives.

Yesterday, a day to remember, our new colleague Alice sold her first big order of business career. Congratulations to her and believe that she will be better and better in the future!

Attentive boss Aimee advance booked a bunch of lilies, to celebrate Alice. Very white and very fragrant lilies, as we feel at this moment.

Alice- Glory Award & Trophy

Remember when Alice came to the company, is a positive, energetic girl, her infectious smile warmed everyone.She is very fond of our products, also likes the job. She used to say, feels the job is filled with sense, trophies and gifts are of special significance, to recommend best trophies and gifts to the guests, but also joy and happiness will be passed to guests.Her understanding of the job, always reminds me to do this job in the first place. Everyone's life is only once, from birth to death, our life is full of choices. When I graduated, hoping to engage in a work to make myself and others happy. Luckily, my first job is.Each of our employees strive to make clients and his own happiness, a better future waiting for everyone. Each time, received a customer satisfaction feedback, always makes us happy. Looking forward to sharing more quality products to guests.

Alice, believe in the future your life will be full of flowers.You love of the job and the customer is responsible for, will brought joy and happiness to more people. The road is long, so happy we are together.

Glory Award & Trophy

Glory Award&Trophy is your Ms. RIGHT ?
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