Is it the best trophy to sum up 2016? For company,partner and employee.
Issue Time:2016-10-24
Is it the best trophy to sum up 2016? 
-For company,partner and employee.
Time is too fast, 2016 has entered the last quarter, are you ready to celebrate the new year?
Prior to this, please sum up our 2016 good harvest.
Today, several trophies are discussed, mainly use for companies and partners award.
A - Forever Friendship - Handshake Trophy
handshake crystal trophy -glory award trophy
There are many countries in the world, through the handshake to express the feelings of cooperation, friendship, feelings of trust. So the handshake trophy is the most used in business relationships. Friendly handshake represents the affirmation of business relationship and expectation of future cooperation.
Thumbs up stands for affirmation and encouragement. This trophy is more suitable for the issuance of a staff, sure they made the company's efforts.
B - Memorable Memorial - Memorial Plaque Trophy
Memorial Plaque Trophy - Glory Award & Trophy
When we talk about commemoration, there seems to be more words to express. Memorial plaque trophy has more advantages in this area. As a classic style, Memorial plaque trophy are usually made of crystal, glass, wood and metal, and have more blank part for engraving than other style trophy. Among them, the metal plaque trophy is more expensive in the production, so more people are willing to customize the crystal, glass and wooden plaque trophies.
C - Practical Trophy - Crystal Clock Trophy
crystal clock trophy - Glory Award & Trophy
Trophy is just above the decorations? No, the trophy is more creative now. What if you want to reward your employees with a more rewarding trophy? Crystal clock trophy will be a good choice. Crystal clock trophy can be customized, there are enough blank areas to carve corporate logo and declaration, as well as staff recognition and encouragement.
These three types of trophies are the Glory Award & Trophy special recommendation, if you have more and better ideas about the trophy, welcome to share with us. Hope 2016, each enterprise and employees are full of harvest.

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