If the memory is colorful, your trophy would be like these?
Issue Time:2016-10-26
If the memory is colorful, your trophy would be these?
Colorful life? Colorful trophy!
Color,is the wonderful understanding of the world by us.The sky is blue,the grass is green,the flower is red,the sun is yellow,etc.Each color is vivid and make life more funny.
If the memory is colorful,what color is your memory?
Happiness is red,victory is yellow,hope is green,elegant is blue,the dream is purple and so on. So many color filled with our lives,make everyday become unique.
Today,a new memorial trophy for colorful life will be shared to you.What is the difference about this trophy?
Variety top + Colorful base
Colorful trophy,Colorful life-Glory Award & Trophy
The top in this trophy can be made by K9 crystal or glass,the shape can be customized to meet your need.
The base were made by aluminum alloy,uniform spray color, it has a very good texture and gloss.You can mix this base with different colors of crystal and glass plaque.Then,A new personalized trophy was born!
Crystal and metal are the best combination,bring you a new trophy experience.
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Glory Award & Trophy
Glory Award&Trophy is your Ms. RIGHT ?
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