Custom crystal trophy is far away from you?
Issue Time:2016-11-09
Custom crystal trophy is far away from you?
No, Glory Award & Trophy is committed to providing customized trophies for small trophy stores and shops. You only need to meet a small MOQ,then you can enjoy our exclusive custom trophy service.
What is the small MOQ? Only 50 per size per design.

Specific process: your design will be sent to us, then we can communicate the next step.
Detailed crystal trophy production process
Selection of materials - cutting - grinding - polishing - lettering - assembly - inspection - packaging - shipping
1, Choice of materials: Crystal only crystal first choice K9 crystal material, transparent texture.
2, Cutting: the entire piece of material according to drawings and guests required to see the shape and size required.
3, Grinding: divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding, grinding, drilling, playing concave, etc. processes, each process will receive strict manual control.
4, Polishing: polishing powder to polish the finished product to crystal clear so far.
5, text and design: can be divided into sandblasting, engraving, color printing several processes, in order to meet your requirements can choose one or several combinations, and strive to perfect.
6, Assembly: the use of special groups of imported plastic accessories will be assembled together, the stability of a more solid.
7, Inspection: professional staff to do the final inspection test to ensure that each product is qualified, we strictly put the quality of the first place forever.
8, Packaging: Each crystal trophy are individually boxes,gift box can be customized, all the order will be corrugated boxes to ensure transport safety.
9, Delivery: According to the severity of goods and customer requirements, select the high quality logistics business to deliver your goods safely around.
Crystal trophy production process tips:
1, Because each product is customized products, according to the production process, the number of different packaging requirements, So the product on the website is for reference only, the most accurate price will be based on your needs to account.
2, Crystal handmade handmade, handmade in the inevitable there will be a small error (± 2mm), which is the charm of handicrafts, please understand.
3, If you have any suggestions or questions for our products, please contact us, our company will be resolved it immediately, and to meet your satisfaction.
Lettering & image engraved tips:
1, the number of words and the lettering is not restricted, only to be ranked under the carved out can be.
2, it is best to provide vector AI or CDR format, or high-quality PSD, JPG and other image formats.
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