December 12, what is means in China?
Issue Time:2016-12-12
December 12, what is means in China?
December 12, in China, this was not a holiday, but with the continuous development of e-shopping platform, any interesting date will become different.
Double 12 - Glory Award & Trophy
Taobao on December 12, 2012 launched a shopping carnival, triggering universal shopping, after the annual December 12, are very popular. From December 12 to the Chinese New Year, which is only one or two months, this period is very suitable for the purchase of New Year and buy other products.
Now, double twelve has been more than Taobao platform to do a big promotion years ago, China's major business platform are doing business promotion. Many shopping up to people, but also will write their own shopping list in advance, in this day to a large procurement.
Wonderful online shopping activities, enriching people's lives, so that more high-quality products widely known to buyers and sellers to establish a deeper relationship. Glory Award & Trophy believe that the future of our life will be more exciting.
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