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Long long ago,when I was a young girl, I liked studying English very much.  The time my uncle called me, he said Aimee,could you sell our trophy to buyer from abroad now that you could speak English.


Uncle’s grandfather who is my mother’s grandfather began to learn how to make the trophy when he was 16 years old and devote his lifetime to do this job.May be I was affected by him, so I have deep affection with trophy also.My heart cannot help to be filled with joy , victory, confidence and acknowledgement for the winner whenever I see the sports awarding event the moment athletes holdingt his trophy on TV.

Nothing can prevent my love for the trophy at that time. From then on I decided to become a trophy supplier. Deeply in my heart, trophies are not alike other products, each trophy has a soul,meaningful, it will be a treasure in the winners’ life time.


Therefore, the quality of the trophy is particularly important.


At the beginning, we just provide our own hand-polished crystal trophy.  But out of the trust, most of our customers let us help them to purchase other materials trophies and souvenirs from China.Slowly, we offer more and more types of products.


In recent years, thanks to the support of the 1200 customers from 58 countries around the world, we continue to grow. We have made a greater progress on the quality of service than the beginning of time.


By which our guests have felt all. We do have saved a lot of time and energy for our customers, so that customers can concentrate more on sales. Each time, we get the positive feedback from customers , our team will become more confident.

Along the way,there is bitterness & sweat, but more of a joy.  In the coming years, we will strive to build a one-stop sourcing trophy gift shop and provide a more richer product categories. In the future,we will still keep the mission, which is the release of joyous , confidence, success, glory to the world.


Welcome to send us an email and provide precious suggestion comments to us, if have any needs,  please feel free to contact us at any time,your shine is our glory.

Thank you all the time!

Aimee Wang

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